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Ehm. Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] saphirablue:-)

Post a list of 20 TV shows you watch/ed.

•Have your friends list guess your favorite character from each show.

•When someone guesses your favorite character, bold the title.

•When guessed, tell us at least one reason why you like that character.

01) Sanctuary
02) Criminal Minds

03) Supernatural - Dean Winchester The reason I liked his character at first sight was because at one point in my life I could really sympathize with his *being the middleman* status between two fighting family members, sigh. But, but... there was so much more to it! Because Dean was the protector, yet he was the one more hurt by the disappearance of their dad. He took care of Sam, no matter what. And he got whumped a lot too:-) Oh, and last but not least, he was funny, sexy and uhm... I guess that's all the reason anyone would need:-)

04) Suits

05) NCIS - Tony I loved his character from the start, because he was funny but smart and such a great whump, lol. Also the dynamic in the team, I loved the menthor/student father/son kind of relationship between Tony and Gibbs. In the later seasons I was a little disappointed by where the writers were taking his character, but then came Jeanne and Tony was acting like an adult again. I'm really happy TPTB decided to bring in the more serious Tony in the latest season:-)

06) Star Trek Enterprise - Trip Tucker I have a secret love for engineers, hee. Or the smart guys. Or the blond guys! And I totally fell in love with him in the episode where he was playing hard sports half naked on a sandy planet, rofl. Or the one where he was stuck in the shuttle, freezing and ready to sacrifice himself to save Malcolm. So I was pretty bummed when TPTB decided on his fate, sigh.

07) Poltergeist:The Legacy - Nick Boyle One of my first fandoms I fell into head first, and it wasn't hard to pick a favorite character. An ex-navy seal, a hard headed fighter with sense of humor, driving a cool car. He also had a hard childhood with an abusive father but became stronger for it (and more protective of others). Uhm, I'm starting to sense some pattern here:-) Anyways, I loved the father/son relationship he had with Derek Rayne, the whole idea of a secret society and a castle and well, all the awesome ghosts and whatnot.

08) Blue Bloods

09) CSI New York - Danny Messer A scientist who can fight, lol. Brains and body too, all wrapped in one. Oh, and not to mention all the angst and insecurity in the first few seasons, his friendship with Mac and Don, or the fact they finally became a couple with Lindsey. Yes, the fact that a tv show managed to put together two people working at the same place and keep them together. It works and it's so cool to see it! Which also means that I should add Lindsay as my other favorite character. Then Don and Mac of course:-)

10) Miami Medical
11) Fringe

12) Grimm - Nick Burkhardt At the first episode I was a little wary of Nick. Something just didn't feel right, as if the actor himself was trying to figure out his role (uhm, and the weird hair didn't help much lol). But by the third episode, I was in love and this is one show that just keeps getting better and better. Just as Nick is getting better and better - at being Grimm, being a cop and a friend. I adore the relationship he has with Juliette (who is awesome on her own!) and I hope the writers will handle it well and not split them up when the big secret comes out. Let's hope. THere's also his friendship with Monroe, which is a total bromance (and yeah, I am thinking bromance instead of slash:-) Lot's of things to love about Nick and the Grimm in general (sense of humor? check. Fighting skills? check. brains? check. personal tragedy in the past? check. Sexy? double check:)

13) Charmed - Chris Perry Halliwell He was the lost son, the one that sacrificed everything to save his brother, his family. He had a secret, and he kept it for as long as he could, even though it was hard. There were daddy issues, lot's of angst and some brotherly fights. I really loved the tension between Chris and Leo, the final scene was a total heartbreaker. The fact the two managed to fix it all.

14) Haven

15) Listener - Toby Ooh, I fell in love with the show and with his character at first sight. I mean, who wouldn't with those eyes? He's a paramedic and a telepath, with a dark secret past, plenty of whump and angst potential. Toby is my whumpster, but there must also be someone to provide a little comfort, and Oz is such a great partner! (Olivia too lol). I love the banter and bromance on this show!

16) Jericho - Jake Green He was in a war, he was a pilot and he saved a girl right in the first episode. Once again, lot's of family issues to solve, but the most important thing? In the face of the *end of the world as they knew it*, he sucked it all up and helped. He took charge of things, went into dangerous situations and looked darn good while doing them:-) It's a pity the show was cut off in such a way because there was so much more Jake Green could've done:-)

17) Without A Trace
18) PSI Factor

19) Star Trek Voyager - Tom Paris The first thing that appealed to me was his status of an ex-con, the tension that was between him and the crew of the ship as well as the Maquis. He was cheeky, he was hot. Also, a smart engineer and a great pilot. In the later seasons he settled down, wasn't so much of a rebel, but I liked the fact he and B'Elanna became a couple and made it work. Also, it was really cute to watch  the progress of Tom and Chakotay's friendship (and the fights preceding lol)

20) Fortysomething

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