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Life is a little busy around my corner right now and I had no time or inclination to post anything these last few weeks, but it's Sunday and I have some free time (that could be spent writing, I know, but duh. It's too hot for that:-) so I decided to make a small rec post. Vids and fic ahoy! Here are my latest delicious additions. Enjoy!

Harry Potter - This Is War   by agentofCHAOS13x
Why Recced: I just... have no words for this vid. It's fantastic... one of the best HP vid's I've seen. The music and lyrics fit perfectly, the transitions, timing, coloring...well, everything is just perfect. Go - watch!

Fringe - Broken People by pruedens
Why Recced: Great look at all the hardship the main characters had to come through. Nice editing and good choice of music.

Fringe - Kidz
by JAG
Why Recced: This was… simply fantastic! The song, the transitions and all the cool lighting effects were a perfect combination.

Sanctuary - Season 1 action Monday Remix by Kaseythejudge
Why Recced: Action packed vid with cool editing.

Stargate Franchise - High Voltage
by [livejournal.com profile] kuwdora
Why Recced: Doesn't matter which Stargate you are a fan of, or if you even know the show. This vid is worth your time. Great editing

Suits - Aint Born Typical by Ididitbutimblaminyou
Why Recced: First, the editing was just awesome. Second... well, does it need a second? Just watch:-)

Suits - We Both Matter by onlygiiiirl

Suits - Magic by XXRXWX
Why Recced: A sweet little vid

XMFC - Evolution Leaps Forward by di_br
Why Recced: It would make a really great trailer for the movie:-)


Uhm, okay, so there's a little more in the fiction department. To make it easier on me, and probably on you too, here are my delicious tag bundles by fandom.

Do YOU have any good recs? Seen a vid you liked? Or read a story that made you grab a tissue box either from laughter or tears? Comment with a rec:-)
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So, two days ago I finished at work, now I have almost a month of vacation. Yay! Already went swimming, I'm planning a two day trip to another city (first in four years, so... excited!) and I've also spent thursday evening at a concert of one of my favorite bands - Clou. And they played my favorite songs:-)
Also, I watched Suits ep 2 and I still love the show! Uhm, did you know one of the leads is played by Gabriel Macht? He was my favorite actor/character in the TV Show The Others!  Yay! The summer TV season kicked off, at least.

The summer here is seemingly taking it's time though, duh. One day it's almost 30°C, the other it's barely 14°C and raining all day. Gah.

So while I am cooped up at home due to the bad weather, here are some recs!

Now only to find the muse and write my three crack!fics that are due to to several challenges, then finish the NCIS fic Underground. Sigh. I will probably need a day or two of boredom before I even start thinking about plots. Uhm, by the way, anyone has good crack!bunnies lying around?