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Title: The Planned Demise of Timothy McGee

Character(s): The team, Abby Sciuto

Genre(s): Humor

Word Count: 996

Beta-reader: Tania

A/N: Written for the challenge on LFWS Session 4, Round 3. The prompt was - Boring Day: What does the team do in the bullpen/lab/autopsy when there's no case? Write a day when the team has no case. Do they work on cold cases? Catch up with paper work? Write it! Word count may not exceed 1000.

A/N2: Happy to note that the fic won the round! Yay!


On to the fic )
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Voting has started. Whoo! Why dontcha go over and check out the stories?

This time I really can't say which fic will be voted out. Argh! It's only round three, yet there are only six fics, so it will be a tight draw. When I finished  the fic I had the feeling it will either be a win or loose. It wasn't my usual style to write and I was pretty excited about it, really, cause the idea came like at one a.m. in the morning so it must be good, right? Duh! I just finished reading the other stuff and all that excitement went away. I will be really happy if I get through this round unscatched, lol.
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Okay, I've probably lost my mind, but I'm signing up for this:-)

sga_lfws presents:



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Title: On the couch

Character(s): Anthony DiNozzo

Genre(s): Character study

Word Count: 986

Beta-reader: Tania

A/N: This was written for NCIS LFWS Session 4 - Round 2. The prompt was: Character Study: Start your story with the line I am the one who…. Anything after that is up to you, but you must start with that line. Word count may not exceed 1000.

EDIT: This is the longer version of the story, as once again I had to cut the original so the word count  fit.


On to the fic )


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Yikes! I've made it to the next round! *does a happy dance*  There were so many fantastic stories, and I still made it:-) 

Okay, gonna get off my little bubble of happiness and do some work. Now I can't wait for the next prompt *still grinning like a mad man*
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It started again! The fics for the second round were uploaded, and you're welcome to vote, yay. There's few very good fics and I already have a favorite. Hm, not very sure about my chances now, but at least if I will get voted out I'll know the competition was strong:-)

You can read the stories and vote here
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by [livejournal.com profile] leoraine  

Character(s): Tony DiNozzo, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Dr.Ducky Mallard
Genre(s): Missing scene, angst
Episode(s): Requiem
Notes: This fic was written for the first round of LFWS Session 4. The prompt was:
1. Missing Scene: Was there a scene on an episode that you wished was different? Did the end of an episode leave you wanting more? Write a tag or a missing scene, for an episode. Word count may not exceed 1500.

On to the fic... )
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Finally, the results are here!

Well, my feelings are mixed - I wasn't voted out so I can participate in the next round, but I've got two negative votes. On the plus side, I've also got one positive vote:-) Dunno if it's better than having no votes at all. 

The next round will start Thursday. I'm alredy curious what prompt will we get.  Right now, I'm going to post the story here and on ff.net - the slightly longer version. If you'd like to check out the shorter version, it's here.  While there, be sure to check out the other stories too, if none else than at least the winners:-)
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Yay, it started! Last Fiction Writer Standing - Session 4: Round 1!  I'm nervous as hell, hoping that I won't get kicked out in the first round. Anything but the first round *sigh* . Anyways, if you like NCIS fics, go over there and check it out. You can vote till Monday, so please do:-)

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So, yesterday the prompt was posted and I thought what the heck, should start on it right away. I had trouble writing more than 300 words, but after a little Red Bull dopping, it started flowing. I was really surprised when I finished the story and the clock read 4am, lol.

At least I didn't had to go to work. After few hours of sleep, I checked the story and realized that I wrote more than was the max. word count, so then I spent a good hour trying to delete 300 words and keep it still in one piece. Sigh. Dunno if I managed, we will see. Really hoping I won't be voted out in the first round. Once it's over, I'll post the longer version of the story here:-)

Still, I'm happy, cause it's been almost a year that I've written anything.
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I've just signed up for the 4th session of Last Fiction Writer Standing, well, I hope I made it in time, lol. You're welcome to join too, if not this session then the next. It should be fun and maybe get the creative juices flowing again. Oh, and if you sign up thanks to this post, don't forget to mention my name, so I can earn a skip:-)


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