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Title: You Can Stop for Lilyleia78

Author: [personal profile] leoraine

Recipient: [personal profile] lilyleia78

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters/Pairing : Dean, Sam, Castiel

Rating: PG

Warning: None, except for the fact this is un-betaed

Word Count: 1253

Summary: Post-ep for Hunteri Heroici, because the boys deserve a little break, especially on Christmas.


You Can Stop )
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Character(s): Castiel & The Winchesters
Genre(s): gen, angst, character study
Episode(s): everything up to 6.22
Summary: How the Angel fell. Castiel's pov
A/N: This fic was written right after I finished watching 6x22 The Man Who Knew Too Much. It's Castiel's pov, his thoughts and feelings after he opened the Purgatory. Some of my feelings about the episode changed after I had time to process and maybe I would've written the story a little bit different, but I decided to keep it as it was and just post it.
A/N2: I would like to thank my beta reader Tania for her help, along with Skylar who made sure the sentences flew well and gave me some tips.Thanks girls!



Falling )




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Character(s): Dean, Ben, Lisa, Sam
Genre(s): post-ep, character study
Episode(s): Exile on Main Street
Summary: After Sam went to hell. Dean character study.
Beta-reader: [livejournal.com profile] pennythepants 
Notes: Written for SPN_Las challenge prompt: Time Will Tell


Keep Going )