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Hi there, so after a week of cutting, editing and alternately swearing at my lazy computer, I've finished the Jericho vid. I'm not really that happy with the results, but if I have to try and change one more scene, I think I will go nuts! Lol!  Btw, after all the hassle with WMM, I decided to use the Ulead, as it was making less trouble. I wanted to try some of the fancier effects, but in the end settled with some crossfade and flashbacks. Enough ranting though, here's the final product.

EDIT: Ick. Now I'm a little pissed at the Fileden. I was trying to upload the vid there, but it says it's over the limit. Sigh. Shoulda know that. Anyone has a tip where I can upload and store files over 50mb for free and without time limit?

EDIT 2: I've got a 4shared account, so the file size shouldn't be an issue anymore. Yay!

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