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This post was long due, as the geocaching trip I took most of these photos happened in the early February, but alas RL was a little busy with the new job and stuff happening, and it took more time to edit the pics. The day was pretty cloudy, luckily it was just a bit above freezing temperatures.


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Here are the promised photos from my latest geocaching adventure. I took almost 100 photos, but I took pity on my f-list and decided to post only few. You're welcome:-) I hope you'll like them. So far we had a warm winter, but the last two weeks it rapidly jumped into zero temperatures and there's snow.

My favorite tree:-)

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Here are few more pics from my last geocaching adventure:-)


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Wednesday was a fun day. Me and my friend spent almost eight hours walking around the lake and through the forest. We set out to find at least six caches, in the end we went home with four, but still... had fun times.

It was sunny, then it was snowing, then it was almost raining. I went over the hill (well, it was more of a face plant really). There was mud, lots and lots of mud. Also we were trecking through the forest in the trails of a boar for almost a mile.  Luckily, the animal took a turn to the left while we turned right, so there was no climbing up trees and screaming involved, lol.  In the end, I managed to take several nice photos, even though the sun peeked out only for 30 minutes from those eight hours. That's what photoshop is there for after all, right? Okay, here are few of those pics. More to come later:-)


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Challenges Day 3 and Day 4 were about commenting and friending new people, which I did. Now's the time for

Day 5

In your own space, share something non-fannish you are passionate about with your fannish friends. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

It took me a while to figure out what I could post about. I love playing my keyboard, I like geocaching with friends as well as playing video games. None of those fit the bill though. Then my eyes fell on my camera, and the lights went on. Of course. The one thing I enjoy, and will continue to enjoy until the end of days, is photography. I'm not a professional by any means, heck, I sometimes use the camera on my phone and my Olympus is one of the cheapest on the market. But... I love taking photos. I love playing with them in photoshop and posting them on the net, or just browsing through them when I feel down. I'm not big on photographing people (or well, I can take a picture of a friend just right, but being photographed myself? Utter catastrophe, lol). What I love is nature. Sunshine, or water... be it winter or summer, or fall. So, without much ado, here are some of my favorite pictures, ones that I love the most.

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Today was a Holiday and it started off my four day weekend. Yay! Nevermind the lingering cold I caught from a co-worker, or the low temperatures outside. I had a whole day without work, just lazing around and watching movies! There were two to be exact, both filled with music. First I watched Burlesque and enjoyed it much. I liked the music, I liked Stanley Tucci and Cher and I totally loved Cam Gigandet esp in his red pajamas (and later without them lol). What's not to love here?

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Oh, any good recs for me? What is your favorite music movie? I've already watched Once, Hairspray, Billy Eliott and some musicals, but I'm looking for more. It doesn't have to be just about singing, I'll take dancing, playing some instrument or any other artistic feature that has some music connected. Any tips?

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Because I had a really sucky day, I needed a little reminder that there aren't just rainy days. So photos from the end of summer and the start of autumn. Enjoy!

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Yay, I'm still alive! Not updating much because after a few weeks of vacation I'm back at work. But time was well spent and after the hiatus here's a post with few random pics from my latest geo hunts.

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A little picspam from my latest *treasure* hunt, aka geocaching. Found some interesting place, with faces craved into stone. And no one knows who did it:-)

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Yesterday was a really great day. It started out ugly, with lots of clouds, but by noon they vanished. Friend called me to him for coffee, mentioning something about helping him look for a cache (I had no idea what he meant, lol). Well, he introduced me to Geocaching and wow, I love it! It's fun, and it took us to places we normally wouldn't go to (we were fighting our way through grass and stuff that was neck high, through bushes and going down a really steep hill and other funny stuff)

The sun came out and we spent seven hours outside, looking for caches. Found three, have the final coordinates for one and practically found another one, but didn't have any rope needed for the climbing. The only downside was that I didn't know we were gonna do that so I hadn't brought my camera. Thus I had to use my cell phone, which is a lower quality. Still, 81 pictures! Lol. Here are at least few of them, the ones I like the most:-)

Anyone of my f-list a Cacher? Some of the more interesting places you found your cache on or stories about how you get lost? :-)

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This tiny little pic!spam was brought on by the latest Eurovision contest, because there were plenty of good looking guys with great voices. So here are few pics. Enjoy:-)

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Well okay, there's four, but I'm a girl and I like my guys:-) But really, doesn't Jeremy Northam remind you of someone? Anyways, here's a tiny pic!spam of the Miami Medical cast. Enjoy!

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Cause I'm still bored. But don't expect any actors. This time I decided to post some of my drawings and photos of my favorite places or things.  You're welcome to skip this one if you're not interrested:-)

Soo, let's start with the drawings! They're pen and paper, caught by my trusty camera. I'm awfull at Photoshop so they aren't as clear as I would like. Darn the lighting. Also, some of the photos were taken by my cell phone.

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Because I am bored, and my mind is totally refusing to co-operate with the two fics due for the SGA LFWS, I thought that maybe a little eyecandy might help. Or it will at least bring me some nice dreams:-)

Warning: Not for a slow bandwidth

(and remember, clicking the pictures makes them bigger:-)

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This is my first PicSpam, so I will post mostly older photos of my favorite TV actors. Probably not for anyone with slow bandwidth.

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