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First off, let me say that I'm an open minded person. I am not exactly a fan of slash, but I read it sometimes because the writer is good and makes it work awesomely. But.... I just don't get this.

WHY?!? Oh why, is the pit and AO3 full of slash fics for Grimm when the show has one of the best women characters I've recently seen on TV?

I mean, Juliette & Rosalee are awesome, kickass females. There's no doubt Nick and Monroe are in love with them. (okay, so I can see how Monroe being all worried about Nick might look to the slashers and I get why there are stories but...) Why is there absolutely no het&gen? With such awesome pairings already on the show? Why even the fics that are tagged Nick/Juliette end up with the two of them breaking up just so that Nick and Monroe can get together?
There are maybe one or two fics I found that were gen and really good. But come on... 297 fics on AO3 and 34 of them Nick/Juliette? (one third of them with an added pairing of Nick/Monroe?) What's up with that?

PS: comment as you will, just no hate please. Like I said, this isn't about there being slash - more like the amount of it vs the lack of gen/het when the female characters are just this awesome.

PS2: if there's anyone that would love the idea of a grimm_gen  comm and would like to help out with it, please let me know.
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Eeep! I wrote fic, after almost two months of not touching OpenOffice! It's 2400 words of Sanctuary and it's written for letter A in my Alphabet soup. I have to edit it still, then send it over to my beta, but yay! I wrote fiiiiiiic!

Also, yesterday I spent several hours outside geocaching (uhm, yeah, in -10°C. I know, I'm crazy). Anyways, made some cool photos, so much snow! And swans:-) I'm currently editing in Photoshop to make them nice and shiny, and shall post some of them soonish:-)
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I'm sooo lazy this week it's unbelievable. The week started of busy, Monday and Tuesday I had two eleven hour shifts at the shop - new job (first time behind the till after more than a half year, yikes). I was dead on my feet both days and slept as soon as I got to bed, so no time for any challenges, didn't even check my F-list properly.

Yesterday I was busy dealing with paperwork from my old job, to get everything right and ready for the taxes. Then I met up with friend, we went to our favorite china restaurant, ate and talked and finally went to see Sherlock Holmes 2, which was a riot. I laughed through most of the movie, because RDJ was just brilliant!

I couldn't stop thinking what an awesome movie it is, especially for those who make fanvids, because wow... did you see the camera effects? So many ways to use it in a fanvid! I can't wait for the DVD's to come out, to see some vids from all the awesome people out there.

Anyways, it brings me to today, which I just lazed away. I am somehow unable to wake up and do anything useful. And I have no work to do till Sunday, which is... great, I know, but... if I'll stay this *unproductive* till then, I shall headdesk myself to Sunday. Sooooo.... based on this, I've decided I need to work on one of my WIPs. Now just to decide which one....

Here comes poll time. Click on the fic which you would like me to work on, and I promise to write a 500 words minimum daily for it for the following three days. Shall present you with a chapter or an excerpt or the whole fic by Monday. Deal?

[Poll #1810246]
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When I was posting my fics the text was all over the place, I had to delete paragraphs and lines and edit the stuff. Usually I just copy and paste from a doc. or ff.net and it works okay, but today? Duh.  Anyone else having trouble with the text editor?
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Gah! I think I will stop watching news as of now. In the last twenty minutes all I've seen were dead people. It's not only the tragedy in Norway, there's much more. Accidents, insane shootings, fire, flood... gosh. Does anyone has any good news? Anything positive happening in the world?
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It was an interesting few days I've had.  Through the weekend I wrote both fics for the tvnetwork_las, and my NCIS story took me into another round of NCIS LFWS. Yay! I'd ignored the rec list for a while, planning to catch up on that soon. I've also watched Community - both seasons and OMG I love the show! Some episodes were so Meta, but it's new, it's cool and you just gotta love all those characters, esp Abed and Troy:-) Can't wait for the next episode.

Monday was quite interesting too. First I had washed the windows [and I didn't fall out of our fifth floor apartment, yay, lucky me!]  then I went into the city for some job hunting [I'm waiting for the phone call from that, but still no luck. Eh, well, at least I can enjoy a little free time]. I barely came home when a friend of my texted me if I wanted to go to see The Rite. I wanted, so we went.

Rant ahead - spoilers for The Rite )

After that, we went on a little walk around the river. It was dark, and there were no people around. A little scary, but we spent the time laughing at the movie and friend was telling me about some of his more scary dreams. I must say... they were pretty scary. He's got such an imagination, and he likes dark horrors/thrillers. Also, he's a fantastic narrator lol . We finished up at the Chinese restaurant, then he sent me some links for the unaired scene of Exorcist, the famous spiderwalk. Ick. I've never managed to watch that movie for more than few minutes at a time. Just... not my stuff.

Yesterday, I went out with my parents. Lol. It was the first time in five or so years that we went out for a drink and food all three together. I wasn't sure I'll survive with my sanity intact, but I managed and it was pretty cool. We had fun and I think we should do it more often.

Today I caught up on some TV shows. Fringe, NCIS, NCIS:LA, Shameless.

Fringe spoilers )

NCIS spoilers, rants and thoughts )

NCIS LA spoiler... and no, no rant this time, cause I LIKED it! )

Oh, and here goes the last show I saw today. Shameless US. I don't know if any one of you is watching - if not, take a look! There's fun and drama and kids, six of them. The cast is wonderful, the stories just as great. So just um, you know... here's the trailer and see for yourself:-)

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Miami Medical

I don't know why, but I really like this show. The stories might be typical for a med show, but I think the cast chemistry is great. I like all the characters and the team they're building up. The sibling friendship between the old team, vs. the addition of Proctor and how they're dealing with him.  What do you think of the show? Like it? Hate it? [in which case, please be gentle with your opinions lol.

Doctor Who

I haven't seen the Dalek's episode yet, but I'm going to watch it soon. I'm still not sure about Matt Smith as the new doctor. I was a really big fan of David Tennant, as I started watching  with him. Later I watched the first season with Eccleston and loved the guy too. He was edgier and maybe a little less *whiny* as Tenth Doctor. What I'm trying to say is that I loved Tennant, but the last season with him was anything but satisfactory. Which I'm faulting R.T.Davies for. Come on, the episodes I loved best were all the ones that Steve Moffatt produced! Which is another thing. Put together Moffat, Tennant and the new companion Amy Pond [who I think is the best one yet, I seriously love the girl lol] and DW would be on top! As it is, Tennant's leaving left me sceptical if I'll even watch the first episode, but I did and I'm happy! Matt Smith was fantastic in that first episode. In the second one... well, what can I say? Amy Pond took over that episode! Seriously, if there would be a girl doctor, it would be her! And she's ginger! Also, Steve Moffatt? Finally the stories are back to the first season's scariness and I love it!

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Voting has started. Whoo! Why dontcha go over and check out the stories?

This time I really can't say which fic will be voted out. Argh! It's only round three, yet there are only six fics, so it will be a tight draw. When I finished  the fic I had the feeling it will either be a win or loose. It wasn't my usual style to write and I was pretty excited about it, really, cause the idea came like at one a.m. in the morning so it must be good, right? Duh! I just finished reading the other stuff and all that excitement went away. I will be really happy if I get through this round unscatched, lol.
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Uuh, so I've just finished watching Jericho. At first I was pretty sceptic about the show, I've seen only bits and pieces and it never made much sense, but after I've seen As the world falls by Jaidanwolf, I decided to give it another chance. Didn't regret it since:-) So I've spent almost a week's nights behind my comp, watching. Now that it's finished, I can't stop thinking about it. I would sooo love to see another episode, or the movie.

Heck, I've already read the first comic book. What's worse than loving the show is my Skeet adoring. Yuck. After finishing Jericho, I've re-watched the whole season of Miracles. Another cancelled show!!!

Okay, so you're probably asking where this rant is going, lol. I've got a sudden inspiration for a great Jericho vid. Well, it would be great if done by someone more talented, but duh. Maybe my obsession will fade a little after I'll have to re-watch the episodes to cut the clips I'll need. It should be a fast action vid to Indestructible by Disturbed. Here's to hope there isn't a dozen of Jericho vids to the same song, lol. I've already started the process [currently using Avs converter's edit function, because my WMM doesn't take anything but wmv, and I still need to cut out the right clips. I've just *trimmed* the last episode, and now have to wait almost FOUR hours for the software to finish the converting. Argh!]

BTW, if anyone has any good advice about making fast-paced vids in WMM, or would just want to rant about Jericho and cancelled shows, comment please.
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Oookay, so I've finally got to read the comments on my fic.  What surprised me was that it wasn't the story they didn't like per se, as much as the *writing*. Still, I've got two constructive comments. Now I just need to figure out what they meant, lol. I get the problem with tenses, and I think if I'd spent more time revising the story, I could probably  get rid of that problem, at least partially. What I don't get are the other problems.

   See the comments: )
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Finally, the results are here!

Well, my feelings are mixed - I wasn't voted out so I can participate in the next round, but I've got two negative votes. On the plus side, I've also got one positive vote:-) Dunno if it's better than having no votes at all. 

The next round will start Thursday. I'm alredy curious what prompt will we get.  Right now, I'm going to post the story here and on ff.net - the slightly longer version. If you'd like to check out the shorter version, it's here.  While there, be sure to check out the other stories too, if none else than at least the winners:-)
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In 2009, leoraine resolves to...
Overcome my secret fear of recs.
Tell my family about ncis.
Give up writing.
Take unstoppablefrce vidding.
Apply for a new csi.
Stop reading with kj_svala.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Well, this was funny. The bit about stopping writing didn't bode well, but getting a new csi? Doesn't sound bad, just gotta think about someone...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, leoraine sent to me...
Twelve mamoru22s drumming
Eleven nick stokes piping
Ten ncis a-leaping
Nine fanvids dancing
Eight recs a-reading
Seven fanfics a-writing
Six books a-vidding
Five mu-u-u-usic vids
Four jensen ackles
Three misha collins
Two stargate atlantis
...and a sheppard in a csi: ny.
Get your own Twelve Days:

ROFL! Four Jensen Ackles and three Misha Collins? I want them! And a Sheppard in csi:ny, wouldn't that be just cool?
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So, yesterday the prompt was posted and I thought what the heck, should start on it right away. I had trouble writing more than 300 words, but after a little Red Bull dopping, it started flowing. I was really surprised when I finished the story and the clock read 4am, lol.

At least I didn't had to go to work. After few hours of sleep, I checked the story and realized that I wrote more than was the max. word count, so then I spent a good hour trying to delete 300 words and keep it still in one piece. Sigh. Dunno if I managed, we will see. Really hoping I won't be voted out in the first round. Once it's over, I'll post the longer version of the story here:-)

Still, I'm happy, cause it's been almost a year that I've written anything.


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