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Hm, so this is just a short list for my own reference... something to look at before the year ends and do something about it, sigh. Or it can turn into a NewYears resolution? Lol. 


- Write a fic for [livejournal.com profile] sanctuary_santa (Yes I joined, no I don't know what I got myself into, lol, though I'm kinda excited)

- Write Suits fic for [livejournal.com profile] kriadydragon's prompt over at suits_gen comment meme. Progress: 1600 words of an outline. The whole fic is right there, just needed to be written.

- Write a Haven fic for kriadydragon. Progress: poking around several ideas, trying to pick one.

- Finish NCIS fic Underground. Progress: it only needs a second chapter, but I haven't looked at the fic several months now. Grrr. But I HAVE TO!

- Finish NCIS fic Smokescreen! Progress: I have one un-posted chapter. The fic is already long and nearing the end. I have an outline, but I didn't touch it for almost two years now. GOTTA FINISH THIS!!!! Somehow, sometime.

- 2 Sanctuary fics which have several pages written. Luckily, nothing was posted so no one is waiting. Except poor Will, who was left in a rather awkward situation.

- 1 Listener fic that's partway done. Also not posted yet, thankfully.

- 1 Blue blood fic that isn't finished and needs a re-write.

- Probably ten more fics of miscellanous fandoms, laying around as long as three years or three months. Please tell me I'm not the only one procrastinating?

Oh, and there's also the h/c bingo and Sanctuary bingo which I signed up for. At least I have two fics for the h/c bingo.
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Okay, so hopefully I'll have a better luck with this than round 1 where I started writing for one or two prompts but then the story turned upside down and came out as something totally different, or where I did icons but forgot to post etc. I'm throwing my bingo card out there for you to see and maybe nudge me a bit *hint, hint* in case I'm too slow in writing:-)

Out of the Blue

Henry’s Array/Lab

The Five (episode)

Easter Island





The Avatar Council


Henry Foss





Will’s Room


Delcan Macrae

Will Zimmerman

Kate Freelander

The Docks

The Fifth Ward