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Well okay, there's four, but I'm a girl and I like my guys:-) But really, doesn't Jeremy Northam remind you of someone? Anyways, here's a tiny pic!spam of the Miami Medical cast. Enjoy!

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Miami Medical

I don't know why, but I really like this show. The stories might be typical for a med show, but I think the cast chemistry is great. I like all the characters and the team they're building up. The sibling friendship between the old team, vs. the addition of Proctor and how they're dealing with him.  What do you think of the show? Like it? Hate it? [in which case, please be gentle with your opinions lol.

Doctor Who

I haven't seen the Dalek's episode yet, but I'm going to watch it soon. I'm still not sure about Matt Smith as the new doctor. I was a really big fan of David Tennant, as I started watching  with him. Later I watched the first season with Eccleston and loved the guy too. He was edgier and maybe a little less *whiny* as Tenth Doctor. What I'm trying to say is that I loved Tennant, but the last season with him was anything but satisfactory. Which I'm faulting R.T.Davies for. Come on, the episodes I loved best were all the ones that Steve Moffatt produced! Which is another thing. Put together Moffat, Tennant and the new companion Amy Pond [who I think is the best one yet, I seriously love the girl lol] and DW would be on top! As it is, Tennant's leaving left me sceptical if I'll even watch the first episode, but I did and I'm happy! Matt Smith was fantastic in that first episode. In the second one... well, what can I say? Amy Pond took over that episode! Seriously, if there would be a girl doctor, it would be her! And she's ginger! Also, Steve Moffatt? Finally the stories are back to the first season's scariness and I love it!