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This is the fault of the Supernatural finale. Ever since I've seen it, I was on a SPN crush, mainly Castiel. And the boys of course:-)
Most of the vids are Castiel focused, or Dean/Cas and most of them will have scenes from season six, and the finale, so beware for spoilers!

For those who've seen the last episode and need something to get them through the hiatus... enjoy the vids.

SecretlyToDream (Loki) - The Boy Likes The Both (J2)

Lockedinabathroom - Let Me Tell You My Story  - [6x20 spoilers]

Gaby0189 - Power

Lockedinabathroom - The Heart Never Lies

ILoveThesePeople - Knock them down  -  [crack]

ILoveThesePeople - I Will Follow You

ILoveThesePeople - White Blank Pages  -  [spoilers for season 6]

KJCharmed21 - Are You With Me?

MissLyraGW - They Chose Family 2.0

Doode25 - Rubic's Cube

TheKG2002 - Stay

TheKG2002 - The Demons/Howl

TheKG2002 - Angels Are Warriors of God

chucklovaa - Lift Me Up, Let Me Go

Doode25 - It is what it is

Lawliette2 - Strike Me Down

Anaapenas  - Leave me alone- [crack]

Anaapenas - Touch my whoa-oa-oa...  - [crack]

Anaapenas - Bad Influence

Greenelysium - I Could Really Use A Wish - [Cas and his fall through season 5. Some Dean/Cas subtext.]

Greenelysium - Kiss With A Fist

Greenelysium - Invisible Affections

Lawliette2 - Phenomena

Greenelysium - Family Legacy
- [Fantastic character study of Castiel in the ending of season six.]

Squeemonster - Little Lion Man - [Summary: Character study of Castiel and the desperation he seems to be feeling towards the end of season six. ]

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Sooo, I've just watched the last two episodes of Supernatural and I couldn't stop myself from writing a fic, all about Castiel. While I have a great beta reader available, she doesn't watch SPN regularly. I would really appreciate if there was someone who could go over the fic, who saw the last episodes and also watched the last three seasons, from the moment Castiel was introduced. As I've skipped several episodes, some of the facts in the fic might be a little off and I'd like them to be as correct as possible. The fic is 2500 words, written from Cas' pov. Anyone here who'd like to give it a read and help me make it presentable?  Pretty please?
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Author: Leoraine
Icons: 55
Fandom: SPN
Spoilers: As far as I can tell then only the first few episodes of season 4 and some Misha Collins pictures. Pretty much spoiler free.

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