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Third part of the SPN vid rec. Coming up next is White Collar, so stay tuned!

Thandie - The Only Reason  - [Castiel and Dean]

ViDawn - My Sacrifice  - [A look at Jimmy Novak's life and how he become Castiel]

Wickysrk - Dynamite- [Another cool SPN gag reel J2]

Winterevanesce [Kitty] - Like A Boss - [Dean, humor/crack]

Wolfpup - Bitch

Wolfpup - Get out Alive - [All three Winchesters]

Wolfpup - Macho Man

Wolfpup - Not Dead Yet - [It's pretty hard to kill the Winchesters. Action vid that makes you smile. One of my fave from the vidder]

Wolfpup - Rain Down on Me - [Castiel and Dean]

Wolfpup - Secret Agent Man - [Dean]

Wolfpup - Stop and stare

Wolfpup - This Is War - [Pure action]

Wolfpup - We All Fall - [Sam and Dean]

Wolfpup - What Hurts the Most

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Second part of the SPN vid rec. Third and last part of SPN is coming tomorrow. Enjoy.

Liab [lockedinabathroom] - Na na na

Liv_Niggle - Humans - [A beautiful vid from Castiel/Jimmy's pov]

Loki - Escape  - [Dean, Sam and the law. The editing simply blows my mind, but that applies to most of Loki's vids.]

Loki - Evidence of Faith - [character study of Sam and Dean]

Loki - Evil has never loved you - [Evil, Sam and Dean. Season 5 spoilers. Once again, superb editing.]

Loki - How Low - [spoilers up to 5x22]

Loki - I'm becoming Untouchable

Loki - Karma Take Me Away
- [spoilers up to 5x04]

Loki - Keep on Breathing Remastered

Loki - Manic Star - [spoilers up to 5x10]

Loki - Mouthwash - [J2 and happy faces lol]

Loki - Fallen in the war - [spoilers up to 5x10]

Loki - The Safest Place - [spoilers up to 6x09]

Loki - We Carry No Arms - [My favorite from the vidder. \dpoilrtd up to 5x22]

Mithborien - My Boy Builds Coffins - [spoilers up to 5x10]

NYCalls0909 - Run for Our Lives

Obsessive24 - I Wish I was Queer - [crack!vid spoilers up to 5x22]

Rhoboat - Carry me Home - [A slightly bitter-sweet vid about Dean. One of my favorites too. Spoilers up to 5x11]

Rhoboat - Heaven is a place on Earth - [S4, crackish Dean/Castiel]

Starrylizard - Shut Up and Drive - [Impala]

TearaPhoenix - City Lights - [tribute to Dean, seasons 1-6]

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Because I have too many SPN recs, this is the first part of the rec list. The second is coming tomorrow. Enjoy.

Affablyevil - Cosmic love  - [Castiel,Dean]

Amanda - Clear the Area  - [Dean, Sam]

Ancasta - Raise it Up - [Heavy spoilers for Abandon all hope. Character death.]

Aruna7 - In Hope - [John Winchester]

Aruna7 - Never Enough - [Dean, John, Sam]

Ash48 - 9 to 5 - [Awesome and funny vid]

Ash48 - Behind Blue Eyes - [Sam]

Ash48 - Forever - [Dean, S3]

Ash48 - Hurt - [Dean character study, season 4]

Ash48 - Mr.Boombastic - [Oh so sexy!Dean]

Ash48 - No Bravery
- [After the bravery comes the sorrow.]

Ash48 - Wrong - [Fantastic vid to a fantastic song. Go Team Free Will]

Brihana25 - A Childs Prayer - [Dean]

Chayiana - Highway to Hell - [A tribute to the Impala]

Eletryxx - Pump it

Fabella - Kill It - [Season1]

HUFgirl - Blame It - [sexy guys and lulz all around]

JessicaRae - Permanent - [Spoilers up to 4.10]

Kahesha - Devil went down to Georgia - [crack!vid - with a fantastic editing!]

Kahesha - Like a Lady - [Dean and his girls]

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Okay, so there's not many recs for this one, as I'm pretty new to the fandom, but the vids mentioned here are definitely worth the watch. If any of you have some good recs, feel free to add them in the comments:-)
Oh, and tomorrow, it's Supernatural!

galad34 - Life will go on [Steve/Sheppard, Steve/Danno - this is a beautifully done crossover with Stargate Atlantis episode Vegas, really worth checking out]

galad34 - Hawaiian Superman [another great vid by galad34 - this time a funny look at Steve]

chainrings - Extreme Ways [I love the music, the editing is great, the transitions at the beginning are nicely done]

ImaginaryCircus - Steve is in the Navy [Village People at their best - and of course, plenty of Steve goodness]

nel_ani - One week
   [ah, what can I say about this one? The song was used in many vids before, but this one beats most of them. Steve and Danno making faces, looking hot... ah, what else do you need? Go and watch it!]

nel_ani - Chokehold  [Steve/Danno - sweet, and oh so funny]

split7waysSSG - You're Perfect to Me [Steve/Danno]

voysuz - Trouble
[Steve always manages to get into some trouble:-]
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This is the start of my vid recs. I've choosen Multi-vids as first. Each day I will post another fandom - depending on the votes in the earlier post. You can still vote there, esp for fandoms that have no votes yet, as I will be posting only for the fandoms with votes. Okay, tomorrow comes the Hawaii Five-O rec list. Stay tuned. Now off to those fantastic vids:-)

Aruna7 - See you on the other side
[an epic multi-vid to an epic song from Nightwish]

Aruna7 - Live to tell the tale

Balistik - Anarchy - [The Crow, The Dark Knight, V For Vendetta]

Buffy Ann - Starlight - [Dance Movies]

Charmax - I'm Your Man
- [made for International Day Of Femslash]

Flummery - Walking on the Ground

Sammy (Jag) - Candymen
(a vid full of candy, yum... or rather full of good looking guys:-)

Jarrow - Narrow Escape
[various disaster films]

Jemo - White and Nerdy
[Stargate and NCIS fandom. It's more a crossover than a multi-vid, but as I'm putting both crossovers and multi-vids into one folder, here it goes. Absolutely worth watching, esp for some of the faces Daniel makes]

Kahesha - Hey Mickey
[a vid full of my favorite guys: Jensen Ackles, Ben Browder, Michael Shanks and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, yummy... prepare to become hot and bothered - or at least smile a lot]

Lady M4ryjane - Just a friend of Mine
[an AU vid featuring Dean from SPN and Faith from Tru calling, with appearances from other tv shows. It's fantastically done, the effects, the shadows, it tells the story of the song... and I don't know what to say about it, except go and watch for yourself]

Mart138 - Dancing at the Movies
[another great dancing vid]

Nel_ani - Who knew
- A beautiful vid about friendship, full of great fandoms

Nico-angelus - True heroes
[A tribute to Buffy, Angel, Sam and the tenth Doctor, and how hard the life of a hero can be]

Jaidanwolf (Reese) - Tragic Heroes
- [Angel, Carnivale, Doctor Who, Supernatural] One of my all time favorites, although it's a pretty dark theme

Sol_se - Filthy mind
- Another well done vid, mixing movies and TV shows

Sweetestdrain - Keeper of the fire
[Seven prophets - Carnivale, Dead Zone, Heroes, Joan of Arcadia, Miracles, Supernatural and Wonderfalls]

Oh, and this is also my 100th post! Wow! When I started with LJ I didn't think it will last, but looks like I found myself a nice home here. Let's hope there will be many more posts to come:-)
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Pick a show from which you would like to see my vid recs! [Poll #1717362]
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Every day for 30 days, you post something good that happened that day. Don't mention any bad things near the meme!

Day 15/30: Had some fun playing with the keyboard, enjoyed the day off. Wrote the NCIS fic and then watched some old NCIS episodes from second and third season.

Day 16/30 : Read some NCIS fics - liked Means to an End by KSL . Also watched some fanvids, so here comes recs!
BSG - [livejournal.com profile] jarrow  - Wretches and Kings
Castle - [livejournal.com profile] shinealightonme  - Bad reputation
Star Trek XI (2009) - Carol S.  - Verb
Star Trek XI (2009) - [livejournal.com profile] lightning_skies  - Gonna Go Far
Supernatural - [livejournal.com profile] tearaphoenix  - City Lights

Day 17/30: Watched Up from Pixar and some episodes of The Others. The day at work was ok, while a little boring everything went according to plan, and I've caught a ride home with a colleague, so win/win.

Day 18/30: Found out my story for [livejournal.com profile] tvnetwork1_las  passed the round, so I'm in for a second challenge, which is cool, the prompt there is Stranded. Yay. Such a nice word:-)  Now I'm off to watch Southland, Castle and Raising Hope.
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Every day for 30 days, you post something good that happened that day. Don't mention any bad things near the meme!

Day 10/30: While I didn't go to see the movie, I've chatted with the friend through FB for two hours, so it was fun anyway. Work was crazy, but the ride home with the colleagues was fun. We laughed in a bus filled to the top, so the people around must've thought we were drunk or something:-) It's the same when we are going home from night shift... everything seems funny that time:-)
I've watched Castle and wow! Ending with a cliffhanger? Really?
On the good news... the NCIS LFWS voting concluded and I made it to the next round. Hooray!
There's also some vid recs so you may enjoy them too:-)

Nowhere near - Miracles - by [livejournal.com profile] tearful_eye 
She's a genius - Warehouse 13 - by[livejournal.com profile] jesuit24 
Critical hit - Big bang theory - by [livejournal.com profile] jarrow 
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Every day for 30 days, you post something good that happened that day. Don't mention any bad things near the meme!

Day 8/30: I spent a hour or two watching music vids, putting together my list of favorites. Here are few recs for Sanctuary : [livejournal.com profile] kuwdora  - Dance with me, [livejournal.com profile] kuwdora  - All star, Twilightsleeper - Angels on the moon, [livejournal.com profile] talkofcake  - All you wanted. They also made me rewatch Kali and Firewall lol. You gotta love a little Will whumpage:-)

Day 9/30: Today I had a shift with the guys. It's always fun when working with guys... they have a funny sense of humor lol. Also got invited to a movie by a friend for tomorrow - Black Swan, and another friend wants to meet for a chat at china restaurant the day after. Seems like my week's booked:-)
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Another 15 of my fave vids. If you have some favorites of your own, rec them in the comments and I might add them in the next list.

On to the vids )
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This time it's just 10 because frankly, I don't have time for more right now.  More recs are coming soon though, so keep your eyes open:-)

Read more... )
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All my favorite vids in one place:-) Well, not all, because there's much more than just fifteen of them, but it's a start. I'm already working on another 15 vid recs, also on a 15 fic recs, so stay tuned.  I hope you'll enjoy these as much as I do.

EDIT: The festivids vidders were announced!

Vid recs behind the cut )


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