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Yeah lol, I'm not sure how many people read my LJ, but I'm sure there are few great vidders between you. I've discovered [thanks to Loki and her vid We carry no arms] the band Mumford and Sons and I've fallen in love with some of their songs. I especially like Dustbowl Dance and I'd really like to see it used in a vid, but I don't have time for it now and I'm sure there are way better vidders who will do the song good justice. Is anyone interrested? Here's the song:

As for vidding ideas... I think the song could  fit well in a Jericho or Miracles vid [both featuring Skeet Ulrich lol], or for Supernatural, but I would be happy with any fandom, even one I'm unfamiliar with. So... would anyone like to take up this challenge? Pretty please?
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Vidding History

1. When and how did you start vidding?
2. Did you have any prior experience? [movie classes, directing, etc.]
3. What software did you use when you started, and what are you using now or planning to use in the future?

Vidding Technique

I always wondered myself how the others choose the clips, how they're cutting them. If you can, please tell us the name of the software you use for getting the clips from the episodes/movies. If you can, tell us your working process - do you cut clips once you've choosen the song, or do you already have most of the episodes cut up and ready? If so, do you keep some database of clips, or do you have to search for them each time you want to make a vid?
5. What comes first? The music choice, the story idea? Do you search for the right music, or does it just pop into your head, along with some scenes?
6. The timing of the clips in fast paced vids - do you use markers and keep strictly to them, or more often it's luck that got the right scene in the right time? Do you sometimes just shuffle the clips on the timeline and see what comes up?


7. What was your first vid? [give us a link if you can] and what software did you use to make it [if you remember]
8. What's your latest vid? [again, give us a link if there's one] and what software did you use?
9. Rec your favorite vidder [or vidders, the number of them is up to you]
10. Rec your favorite vid [or vids]

My answers behind the cut )

You can post the answers here or on your own LJ, as long as you let me know you did so so I can check it out lol.
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Uuh, so I've just finished watching Jericho. At first I was pretty sceptic about the show, I've seen only bits and pieces and it never made much sense, but after I've seen As the world falls by Jaidanwolf, I decided to give it another chance. Didn't regret it since:-) So I've spent almost a week's nights behind my comp, watching. Now that it's finished, I can't stop thinking about it. I would sooo love to see another episode, or the movie.

Heck, I've already read the first comic book. What's worse than loving the show is my Skeet adoring. Yuck. After finishing Jericho, I've re-watched the whole season of Miracles. Another cancelled show!!!

Okay, so you're probably asking where this rant is going, lol. I've got a sudden inspiration for a great Jericho vid. Well, it would be great if done by someone more talented, but duh. Maybe my obsession will fade a little after I'll have to re-watch the episodes to cut the clips I'll need. It should be a fast action vid to Indestructible by Disturbed. Here's to hope there isn't a dozen of Jericho vids to the same song, lol. I've already started the process [currently using Avs converter's edit function, because my WMM doesn't take anything but wmv, and I still need to cut out the right clips. I've just *trimmed* the last episode, and now have to wait almost FOUR hours for the software to finish the converting. Argh!]

BTW, if anyone has any good advice about making fast-paced vids in WMM, or would just want to rant about Jericho and cancelled shows, comment please.